ATT HR One Stop Employee Login

AT&T Active & Former Employees, and Retirees can access HR-related services by visiting (ATT HR One Stop Portal), using their ATTUID and global login credentials. This portal offers self-service facilities for employees. To fully utilize the online services provided by HROneStop ATT, employees must complete their ATT employee login.

The ATT HR One Stop portal is designed for both current and former employees of AT&T. It grants access to HR-related benefits and company information remotely.

The HROneStop portal facilitates access to paychecks, pay stubs, deductions, and other work-related information. It’s user-friendly and offers up-to-date news and information about employees’ work profiles.

Upon logging in at the ATT employee portal, you can view payroll status, salary, schedule, tax details, and deductions, and connect with employers and HR managers. The HR One Stop ATT portal offers numerous advantages.

ATT HR One Stop Login For Active Employees

The HROneStop ATT functions as a digital platform for AT&T employees to log in. Colleagues receive their login details to access the HR Access portal. If you’re currently employed by AT&T, you can use your ATTUID to log in via the official portal.

Active employees have multiple options to access the ATT HR OneStop portal. Among these options are AT&T password, Mobile Key, RSA SecureID Token, and SafeNet Token, all facilitating successful login to the employee portal.

STEP 1. Visit

STEP 2. Click “Login” under the Active Employee section on the homepage.

STEP 3. You’ll be directed to the Active Employee login page.

HR One Stop ATT
HR One Stop ATT

STEP 4. Enter your Username and Global Login Password.

ATT HR One Stop Login
ATT HR One Stop Login

STEP 5. Click “Log On.”

ATT & HR Acctive Employee LoginVisit here
AT&T HR One Stop Former Employee LoginVisit Here
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Resetting HR One Stop ATT Login Password

If you’re an active AT&T employee and have forgotten your HR OneStop ATT login password, there’s no need to be concerned. The ATT HR OneStop portal offers the capability to reset and change your password, providing a solution for this situation.

For password reset, you need personal information, Employee User ID, Employee ID, Date of Birth, City of Birth, AT&T Pin code, and Secret Answer.

If you have all the above-mentioned details you can then finally start the recovery process by following the given password reset steps.

  • Visit
  • Click “Login” under the Active Employee section.
  • Click “Forgot Password.”
  • Choose “Reset Password.”
  • Accept the terms and conditions by clicking “OK.”
  • Enter the required details and click “Submit.”

HRonestop ATT Retired Employee Login

If you’re a former or retired AT&T employee, you can access your account-related information through the HR OneStop ATT portal.

The login process for retirees and active employees shares similarities in terms of credentials and steps. Nonetheless, the key distinction lies in the separate login pages for each employee category.

To log in as a Retiree, Former Employee, or Dependent, simply click on the corresponding login option within the Retiree section.

  • Visit
  • Click “Login” under the Retiree Employee section.
  • Enter your User ID and Logon Password.
  • Click “Log On.”

How To Reset ATT HR Onestop Former Employee Password?

To reset the ATT HR One Stop account forgotten passwords the concerned individual will have to answer the security question set during the registration.

However, if you haven’t set the question then you can follow the process mentioned under the above AT & T active employee password recovery section.

With that being said, just to make it more convenient for you, the entire password recovery process is available below for you.

  • Go to the AT & T HR One Stop portal.
  • Click on Login under the Retiree, Former Employee section.
  • Tap on Forgot Password.
  • Select the Reset Password option.
  • On the password reset page enter your User Name, choose a secret question, and enter your secret answer.
  • Now click on Submit.
  • Finally, to reset your password just follow the instructions provided by the portal.

Benefits of HROneStop ATT Portal

  • Instant access to job-related information.
  • Work schedule details.
  • Personal profile management.
  • Shift alteration requests.
  • Vacation and leave application status.
  • Updating personal contact information.
  • ATT HRonestop Help Desk:

For assistance, you can call the official AT&T HR Access phone number: 888-722-1787.


What is Mobile Key?

Mobile key is an AT&T mobile authentication application that helps ATT employees to single sign-on to AT&T applications using any smartphone and tablet. Through the mobile key, your identity is verified by sending a request to your phone. And generate 7 digit passcode for the second factor of authentication.

How can I get a user ID?

A user ID must be created for you by the organization or web application that manages your account. If you need any help regarding your User ID then contact your Customer Care Representative.

What benefits do AT&T employees get?

Every employee is bound to ask questions regarding the AT&T employee benefits that they can get. These benefits provide coverage for healthcare, offer leave entitlements, and pay increments, among others. The benefits include healthcare coverage, vacation, a 401 K Plan, retirement benefits, and employee discounts.


To deliver readers with trustworthy and valuable details regarding ATT HR One Stop, an authoritative source has been consulted. It’s worth noting that every instruction within this article is derived directly from official sources, specifically the AT&T HR OneStop portal. Should you seek additional information concerning AT & T access login or related topics, kindly share your inquiries in the comments section below.

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